Xuàn Hú

Xuàn Hú, Martial Artist
Formerly an assassin, Xuàn Hú (Grey Fox) was retired for several years. Now he seeks to atone for his dark past by being a force for good.


Xuàn Hú (the Grey Fox) was once China's premiere assassin and torture master. His knowledge of poisons and herbology is unparalleled. As a field agent, he gained a reputation for performing impossible missions. He was a secret weapon in the administration of Mao Zedong.

By the 1980's, Xuàn Hú was placed as headmaster of a secret school of warriors, spies, and assassins. His greatest pupil was Black Lotus.

In the early 1990's, as part of a crackdown on Chinese house churches, Xuàn Hú himself was placed in the field to infiltrate congregations. His mission was 1.) to learn as much from them as he could (especially the locations of other house churches that could be taken out next), and 2.) to turn them over to the Chinese authorities after learning all he could.

A surprising thing happened, though. In a church service, Xuàn Hú felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and was moved to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Like Saul of Tarsis before him, Xuàn Hú, a man dedicated to eradicating the Church, found himself a part of it.

In his testimony at his baptism, Xuàn Hú confessed to the congregation who he really was and what his purpose was among them, warning them in time to escape the clutches of an approachin arrest squad.

Using his international contacts and calling in several favors accumulated over the years, Xuàn Hú came to America under a false identity and began a new life as Lee Chen, art collector. Nightmares often plagued him, consisting largely of the faces of those he had murdered and tortured over the years. In spite of the promise of forgiveness from his new Savior, Xuàn Hú found no rest for his conscience.

One day, in the alley behind his art gallery, the super teen Velocity Girl crashed into his trash dumpster with a poison quarrel in her shoulder. Recognizing the fletching as Black Lotus's signature, Xuàn Hú/Lee Chen took Velocity Girl inside and treated the poison, saving her life. As a result of the ensuing adventure, Xuàn Hú became a mentor to Velocity Girl, and, later on, other young people with paranormal abilities.

Today, Xuàn Hú seeks to atone for his bloody past by supplying training and guidance to a generation of young people with special powers. His hope is that his new students might do enough good to balance the evil that he and his students from his old life did.


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