Velocity Girl and Xuàn Hú by Jon Klement is the first installment in the Smerdiverse series of novels. It was originally published in 2005 by Coscom Entertainment under the title Rush and the Grey Fox. The new title will be released by Wandering Sage Books in early Spring 2009. The first book introduces what would become known as the Smerdiverse after the addition of the character Smerd in Velocity Girl 3 (by Jon Klement, published by Wandering Sage Books June 2008).

The original premise of the series was to chronicle the adventures of a group of costumed heroes based in the St. Louis area. Mary Woods (aka. Velocity Girl), a West County teenager, begins the story recovering from a brief stay in the hospital following the initial manifestation of her paranormal abilities.

Here is the back cover blurb:

"Mary Woods was a fairly typical teenager, concerned about her weight and intellectual enough to only fit in with the science geeks. After a strange fainting spell, her whole world changed, including herself.

Awakening in the hospital with a new, thinner body, she returns to school and begins life anew. As her body develops superhuman abilities, she finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue and dangerous secrets from the past. Some of these secrets not only involve her, but also her best friend from school and her mysterious new mentor, a man with a dark past known as Xuàn Hú. Xuàn Hú trains her to become Velocity Girl.

So her double life begins.

In her adventures as Velocity Girl, she struggles against evil masterminds and super-powered alien psychopaths and meets others like herself who choose to use their gifts and abilities to make a difference. As Mary Woods, she still has to deal with a stepfather who tries too hard, hiding her abilities from discovery, and, worst of all, the wrong kind of attention from boys.

Welcome to the world of Velocity Girl and Xuàn Hú."