Velocity Girl, Super-speed power

A fifteen year old St. Louis teenager, Mary works under the guidance of her mentor, Xuàn Hú, to use her special abilities to make a difference in the world.


Mary Woods had always had a weight problem. Her self-esteem suffered for it. Elementary school kids could be so cruel. Daddy made her feel pretty, though. She was always his Princess until he died of cancer when she was thirteen. The next couple of years were really rough until she finally made a niche for herself in high school as one of the brainy kids. She had a circle of geek friends that she fit in with in Science Club and Math Club.

Then, one day, at age fifteen, she fainted on the way home from school, right on the sidewalk. She awoke to find herself in the hospital, an astonishing fifty pounds lighter. The weight loss continued (at a more normal pace) after the doctors sent her home until she became as lithe as any of the school cheerleaders.

A few days later, she was approached by a mysterious man who claimed to know why she had changed. This man revealed to her that her grandmother had been part of a secret government project known as Project Cyclone. It had taken a couple of generations for the results of the gene-altering chemicals to appear and Mary was her grandmother's first descendant with paranormal abilities.

Mary discovered that she had speed abilities far above normal. She could run from St. Louis to Kansas City in a mere thirty minutes.

Since she has taken up the heroic costumed identity as Velocity Girl, she has gained a mentor, Xuàn Hú, and symbiotically bonded with a p'ckit dragon named Smerd.


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