Uniforms republic texas

In 1845, a Grey ship kidnapped a bunch of (several hundred) Texans. After the ship left the Earth solar system, the kidnapped humans successfully escaped and revolted, resulting in the crash of the Grey vessel on a strange, faraway planet. None of the fragile Greys survived.

Fortunately for the humans, the planet they found themselves stranded on was habitable, even, for the most part, Earth-like.

Lacking the technical know-how either to fix the crashed spaceship or to utilize its communications capabilities, the Texans settled in to make the best of things. Fortunately, they had a large enough gene pool to begin a serious colony.

The first twelve years were rough, but the hearty Texans survived and thrived. They even found alien species of animals that were adaptable into functional (if strange) livestock.

In the year 12 (New Texas Calendar), a science survey ship from the Galactic Community discovered the New Texans and made contact. Since the New Texans culture had already been interfered with by the Greys’ kidnapping, the Galactic community waived their Code of Non-Interference regarding the New Texans. The Galactic Community began sharing culture and technology with the transplanted humans.

It has been five generations since the original New Texans founded their colony.

In the events in Velocity Girl 4: Velocity Girl and the New Texas Space Rangers, the Galactic Community chooses the New Texans to be the people who make First Contact with Earth, because of their shared cultural background and common history.