Smerd's Book of ABC's by Jon Klement, illustrated by Kelly Ishikawa and Mike Cole, is the first Smerdiverse product for small children. Author Jon Klement reported that parents would often come by the Smerdiverse table at conventions with little ones in tow, asking if he had something that they could read as bedtime stories. As the Velocity Girl series consisted of novels for young adults and adults, and there were no pictures other than the front cover, Jon decided to include items for younger fans in his product line.

In this book, Smerd the p'ckit dragon introduces himself to kids (breaking the fourth wall) as the sidekick of Velocity Girl and explains what a p'ckit dragon is. He then invites the reading audience into his pocket dimension by way of Velocity Girl's jacket. Once there, he shows off the items of his dragon hoard that begin with every letter of the alphabet. This book was nominated for the 2009 Golden Duck award in the children's category.

A second book for children, Smerd's Big Book of Shapes and Colors was released January 2010.