Velocity Girl: Ready to Rumble by Jon Klement (aka Velocity Girl 2) is the second installment in the Smerdiverse series of novels. It was originally published in 2006 by Coscom Entertainment under the title Rush and the Grey Fox: Ready to Rumble. The new title will be released by Wandering Sage Books in early Spring 2009. The first two books in the series introduce what would become known as the Smerdiverse after the addition of the character Smerd in Velocity Girl 3 (by Jon Klement, published by Wandering Sage Books June 2008).

This book introduces several new characters, including Jiggy Bling (a teenager whose DNA and brainwaves resonate with any music in his environment to enable him to move his body in nigh impossible feats of acrobatics, gymnastics, and martial arts), Mr. Jon Science and his wife African Violet (new villains), Pyxal ( young lady who can project herself into computers as a living energy signature), and the Artificial Intelligence known simply as Virus.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

Something's wrong with the kids at Whitmore High School. Drug usage is running rampant. Deciding to investigate, Mary Woods, aka Velocity Girl, quickly discovers that these aren't mere street drugs the kids are using but are instead chemicals part of a sinister plot to dominate the human brain by a renegade genius named Mr. Science. Joining Velocity Girl in her quest to stop the madman, are martial artist Jiggy Bling and the beautiful goliath Amizara. All three, of course, mentored by none other than Xuàn Hú . Adding to the mix, African Violet--a femme fatale with a soft spot for all things green--comes out to play, making things worse for all involved. The clock is ticking and virtual reality and life outside the computer collide. Are you ready to rumble?