In the 1960's, Project Cyclone was a secret American government experiment in which down-and-out pregnant women were used as subjects in various drug tests. The women were  told that the drugs were "completely safe" and "would not affect" their unborn children. In return for their participation, the mothers-to-be were provided with financial coverage for their pregnancy related medical bills and a one time cash sum that would help the mothers get on their feet after their little ones were born.

Project Cyclone was run by the same shadowy, quasi-government agencies that OK'd the Tuskogee Syphilis Experiments, the Lynchburg Eugenics work, and the gassing of American towns in the 1950's.

It was expected that the babies would develop paranormal abilities. They did not.

Years passed. The old guard generation (1950's and 1960's, "good ol' boy" network) of shadowy, quasi-government directors aged and retired or passed away. In the 1960's and 1970's, computers and databases were far from what they would eventually become in the 1990's and 2000's. In the interim years, papers were shredded. Documents were burned. Information was lost.  Much was not passed on to the current new generation (1990's and 2000's, New World Order/Illuminati) of shadowy, quasi-government directors.

Then, the second generation was born, the grandchildren of the original Project Cyclone participants. Some of them developed paranormal abilities in their teens or early twenties. A mysterious Deep Throat from the government discovered Project Cyclone and began covertly contacting the "Cyclone Kids" to warn them and to advise them on how to avoid being discovered by the current government. In Velocity Girl 1, the Deep Throat contacts Velocity Girl and informs her that she is a Cyclone Kid.

It is possible that other Smerdiverse heroes and villains such as Jiggy Bling, Knightshade, Big Al, Pyxal, African Violet, and others may be Cyclone Kids.