Pandore appears as a sixteen-year-old human male, dressed in black in what would be considered Goth fashion among Earth teens. His only known super-ability is flight.

Pandore claims to be from another dimension, one in which growing up has been outlawed. No one in Pandore’s world is allowed to reach adulthood. After a great war in which all those over the age of nineteen were killed, an alchemical means was found to slow the aging process by a factor of fifty. The children of Pandore’s homeland age one biological year for every fifty chronological years.

When a citizen of Pandore’s world reaches the age of 1000 (chronologically) or 20 (biologically), they are killed.

Anyone who begins taking the alchemical treatment will find that without regular doses of it, their bodies will suddenly “catch-up” to their natural age, which, in most cases for people over 100 (chronologically) is instantly fatal.

Pandore’s world is a magical one in which enchantments are more common than Earth. During an accident in a magical laboratory, Pandore, some members of his Posse, and his mentor Thistleknell were magically transported to Earth.

Pandore sees it as his calling to bring an end to Earth’s “adultist oppression” as it was ended in his world. Adults after all, are responsible for raping the environment, for greed, for corruption, and for all things evil.

Pandore has been known to work with other villains (even though they are adults) in a mercenary capacity while he learns about Earth and amasses enough wealth, power, and influence to one day launch his campaign to wipe out Earth’s adult population.

One problem with his plans that may be holding him back is Earth’s lack of the alchemical ingredients that are used on his homeworld to make the Potion of Youth.