There is NONE.

Michael woke up almost one year ago with no memory of his past. He actually woke up with no MEMORY at all; he could not even remember how to speak.

The funny thing was he was ruled clinically brain dead at the time of his awakening and only awakened after they took him off life support.

He was taken to the hospital from the scene of a multi car accident where he was on the sidewalk when one of the cars flipped off the road on top of him. He had no identification and no identifying factors, his fingerprints did not match any known databases.

While he was in the hospital, after his miraculous recovery, he started showing the symptoms of his new remarkable memory. It was at that time that The Agency noticed him and quickly recruited him to a place in their quickly expanding roster.

Michael currently spends most of his time researching various topics; including studying the enigmatic Stuck and the book of Gnomish inventions he picked up on his trip to Faire. He is also currently obsessed with finding out who stole all the research he recovered from his recent trip to the moon and it is only a matter of time till he figures it out.


Michael is a somewhat quiet, reserved, yet undeniably logical thinker, which makes him well suited for the role of team leader in a lot of the Agencies missions. His cool head and logical/brilliant mind helps lead the team's of fledgling superhero's even though most of them could make mincemeat out of him if they wished.

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Michael does not seem to exhibit any powers whatsoever, aside from the ability to remember everything he experiences. His memory is perfect, it a far step above those who think they have a photographic memory. He can remember what he ate for breakfast 3 months ago Tuesday and the precise time he ate it, as well as being able to quote the Daily Post that he was reading at the time word for word.

If he decides that he wants to learn something all he has to do is read the book and get someone to show him once and he will never forget.



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