Melody is Smerd's fun-loving niece, who came to earth to have an exciting life like Uncle Smerd. Her idea of a dragon hoarde is Music and Shiny Things. She came to earth and symbiotically bonded with a childlike, gentle-giant hero. She lives in his Pink Smiley backpack, where she has 5,000 songs and $100 in Quarters, Dimes, and Nickles. She loves to dance, and sing in her huge ballroom with a normal sized boombox in it. Her performances even wow her twin brother, Smarty, who aspires to be the first of the p'ckit dragons to bond to a villain instead of a hero.

She is 120 years old with a maturity level of about 12. Her main goal in life is to figure out the location of the P'ckit Dragon Planet, before she turns 800, which is the traditional age that the elders tell a p'ckit dragon.

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