In the above picture, Gronk, a mutant ankylosaur from the planet Kystorros, is on a romp with Null and Voyd in Chicago on Earth.

On the planet Kystorros, there are a vast variety of reptilian species reminiscent of Earth's dinosaurs, with a twist. Whenever a clutch of eggs is laid, the babies that emerge from the eggs all share a seemingly random special ability. It is not uncommon on Kystorros to see a predator with the power of invisibility try to sneak up on a herbivore whose eyes can focus light into laser beams.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex that can fly is bad news for pterodactyls.

A triceratops that can project lightning from its horns is even more protected than usual.

Located in  the Andromeda galaxy, in a region known to the civilizations there as the Wildlands, Kystorros is far, far from any established trade routes or other inhabited worlds. It has gone by and large unnoticed for millennia. It is unknown why or how the parents of Null and Voyd came to crash there.

If Kystorros were to become known to the rest of the Andromeda galaxy, it can only be speculated how the governments and political entities there might try to exploit the genetically potent species found there.