Gronk, Mutant Alien Dinosaur

Far away in another galaxy, there lies a planet of mutant dinosaurs. Gronk's ability to teleport made him the means by which Null and Voyd escaped being stranded there.


On the planet Kystorros, there are a vast variety of reptilian species reminiscent of Earth's dinosaurs, with a twist. Whenever a clutch of eggs is laid, the babies that emerge from the eggs all share a seemingly random special ability. It is not uncommon on Kystorros to see a predator with the power of invisibility try to sneak up on a herbivore whose eyes can focus light into laser beams.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex that can fly is bad news for pterodactyls.

A triceratops that can project lightning from its horns is even more protected than usual.

Gronk (named after the sound he makes "Grrrrrr-HONK) is an ankylosaurus born from a single egg that had no clutchmates, which is unusual in itself. Gronk's special ability is teleportation with an intergalactic range, unprecedented in any of Kystorros's creature's ever before.

The twins Null and Voyd, marooned on Kystorros, befriended Gronk and used his special ability to escape Kystorros. He is now their steed.

Although he does not have human intelligence, Gronk is as intelligent as any animal in a fiction movie or TV show (i.e., Lassie, the Black Stallion, Flipper, etc.). He is loyal to Null and Voyd, but unlike them is not particularly violent, sadistic, or cruel when left to himself. He does get wound up and cause lots of distruction when Null and Voyd ride him into war zones however.  He is, at heart, just a big herbivore.


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